Swift River Preservation Association

Mission Statement

The mission of The Swift River Preservation Association is to promote public awareness of the effects of the removal of the Upper Bondsville dam by the Belchertown Land trust, which will drain the Swift River.  The dam removal will alter and eradicate acres of wetlands and have an adverse effect on the numerous species living in the wetland habitat.

Countless people from all over the area who have used the Swift River for years as a free recreational spot for kayaking, canoeing, tubing, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, bird watching, and observing wildlife will also be impacted.

To this end, The Swift River Preservation Association is dedicated to educating the community about the issues of dam removal and to raising funds and support for the preservation of the Swift River in order to preserve a unique ecosystem that is not only crucial for the survival of a myriad of creatures, but also enjoyed by many families.